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InboxDollars Review: Earning money from the comfort of your laptop is extremely sought out by most people. Regardless of your current situation, an extra couple hundred dollars per month help you pay off some bills or even debt. There are tons of ways to make money online these days and InboxDollars is one of them.

There are many sites out there that pay you to take surveys, play games, watch videos and surf the web. Some pay out more than others. The problem is that you don’t know how much you can really make until you’ve tried it out. To help you with this issue we signed up for InboxDollars and gave it a full test drive so you can see if it’s really worth your effort.

InboxDollars Review: Company Overview

InboxDollars is basically a website that connects you to other websites that can help you make money online. It’s popular because you can get connected with some legitimate online surveys that pay in cash, not points.

InboxDollars has a lot going for it. It’s really easy to use, secure, and a legit side hustle for those willing to put in some work.

InboxDollars review

InboxDollars is an online review aggregator that connects you with well known brands to help collect market research and in return you can earn cash

How You Earn Cash

You can earn cash through InboxDollars in many different ways. You can earn by using their recommended search engines to find what you’re looking for and taking online surveys for well known companies. You can also earn cash by doing online shopping with their preferred vendors, playing games they recommend, watching specific videos or ads, and much more.

At its core, InboxDollars connects you with brands that are willing to pay you for specific actions like I mentioned above. You go through the motions, whether it’s watch a video, play a game, or take a survey, and you earn cash.

What Happened When We Signed Up

When I first signed up for InboxDollars it really pulled me in with the $5 bonus. I entered my email, not my favorite email in case it gets spammed, and confirmed the account.

Once you log into their dashboard you’ll see a long list of surveys you can complete. InboxDollars shows you the top surveys that you can qualify for depending on your specific demographics. We thought that was pretty nice and unique. Not many other survey aggregators have that sort of offer. In the dashboard you’ll also see the estimated completion time for each survey along with an estimate of the potential earnings for that survey.

In the dashboard you’ll also see the estimated completion time for each survey along with an estimate of the potential earnings for that survey.

There are tons of other survey sites out there and most of them pay with rewards. So getting $5 upfront is a pretty good incentive. After I started running through the surveys I didn’t make as much as other survey sites I’ve tested, but that doesn’t automatically disqualify it.

Offering cash rather than rewards is very appealing. The question always comes out to how much cash, right? We’ll get into exactly how much I made with InboxDollars shortly.

After getting the sign up bonus I was pretty stoked. Once I started working through the surveys I got another $1 for completing a quick survey. It was pretty user friendly. There was a list of surveys you could choose from with the exact dollar amount that they’re worth. That’s a huge plus when compared to other survey sites out there.

Earn Cash Not Points for Online Surveys

InboxDollars Legit

With InboxDollars you can earn cash rather than rewards, that can help you stay motivated and keep you in the loop with how much you have earned. Typically, review websites pay in points, being able to be paid in cash is a huge advantage.

Recently, taking online surveys to earn cash as a side hustle has become popular. For some, what they earn from survey sites is enough for a full time income. When you work with InboxDollars you have to keep in mind that InboxDollars will pay you in cash and not in points. This is an important note because with a survey website that pays you in rewards it’s pretty tough to say exactly how much you’ve earned after taking the surveys.

Most of the survey websites we’ve worked with in the past offer points. To me, points are hardly worth it. They can be hard to receive once you’ve earned them and you don’t really know how much these points are worth some times.

As you see your earnings stack up you’ll be motivated to take more surveys and earn more cash. Although, you may see some surveys that have high payouts but you may not qualify for those surveys. This is simply due to your specific demographics. Each company that pays for these surveys, or market research, sets a target market and you have to fit that specific profile if you want to be able to take the survey.

How Does InboxDollars Work

InboxDollars basically connects you with third party survey sites. When you log into their dashboard you’ll see a list of survey opportunities that you can choose from. These surveys will each pay a different rate and you can see how much each one is worth from their dashboard.

InboxDollars pays you cash for taking surveys & there’s a $5 sign up bonus.

Some of these surveys can be very short. I went through a survey where they asked one question and I earned $1. Not bad.

You May Not Qualify for All Surveys

Depending on your specific demographics you may not qualify for some surveys. Each survey has their target demographic set in place. What will happen is that you’ll click on the offer to see if you qualify and it will let you through or send you an email to notify you. Either way it’s pretty straight forward. You simply click the button to check if you qualify.

Some times, you’ll be going through the survey and it just kicks you out as you answer some questions. Like I said, each survey is different so it really just depends.

How Much Did We Make Through Their Online Surveys?

After 1 hours of survey filling we made $14.15. The initial $5 sign up bonus and $9.15 after taking about 20 surveys. Not the most profitable venture I’ve had but not bad.

The surveys that I saw varied widely. Some of these surveys offered to pay 25 cents for a few quick questions while other offered $5 to $10 per survey. The surveys that pay $10 or more will take more time to complete, but they’re worth it. If you can prioritize and try to take the surveys that pay the most you’ll be able to maximize your earnings.

Once you’re earning cash by helping brands with their market research (surveys) you will sometimes qualify for what’s called a “spin”. You’ll be able to use these spins in order to play a game and earn additional money, rewards or sweepstakes. Sometimes you’ll be able to earn more if you win the spin.

Is it worth it?

The way I see it is that sometimes you need a bit of extra cash in your pocket. You may have more time than money, or you simply want to make some money while you binge watch Netflix on the side. Either way I think it can be worth it for anyone that’s looking to make some money on the side. It’s one of those ways that you can make money from home, and for some that can be totally worth it. With over 5% of Americans now working from home, that number keeps on climbing year after year with websites like InboxDollars.

Benefits of Working With Inbox Dollars
  • Pays Cash
  • Tells you how much you can make with each survey
  • Has many offers available
  • Cash out once you make $30
  • Nice interface
Issues with Inbox Dollars
  • Low qualification rate
  • Low Earnings at First (until you get the hang of it)

Ways to Earn Aside From Surveys

Earn Cash By Watching Videos

When you work with InboxDollars you can also earn cash by watching online videos. These videos can be ads, movie trailers, product reviews. After the video is over you may have to answer a few quick questions to verify that you watched the video but that’s about it. It’s a great way to earn while you’re in the gym, waiting for something, or simple have a few minutes to spare.

The video types are endless. They include cooking demonstrations, celebrity gossip and much more. The videos you can qualify for depend entirely on your specific demographics.

When you log into InboxDollars you’ll see a list of videos that are available for you to watch. You simple scroll through the videos and find those that fit you best. Sit back and earn some cash. It’s really mind blowing that you can earn cash for watching a few videos. You’ll be able to make money online for watching videos instead of TV.

It’s honestly a great opportunity for anyone looking to work from home. There’s no wonder why 3.9 million Americans are now working from home at least half of the week. You can’t beat the freedom!

Why Do Companies Pay for Watching Videos?

Big companies and brands want you to watch their videos. It’s similar to an advertisement. They simply want you to get to know their brand. You get to watch videos and get paid while they get to advertise their brand and build their business. It’s that simple.

Get Paid to Play Games

Another great way to earn with InboxDollars is by getting paid to play games they recommend. Similar to watching videos, you’ll be able to choose from a list of games in the dashboard begin playing and earn cash. They offer a large selection of games for you to choose from. With over hundreds of arcade games, word search sudoku and card games it’s a game lovers paradise. If you’re a gamer there’s no better place to play your games than InboxDollars simply because you’ll get paid when you do.

You can even play from your mobile phone. So if you’re out with a few minutes to spare you can play games and earn some cash. Once you complete the games or puzzles you’ll see how much you earned and can eventually cash out.

Earn Cashback While Shopping Online

With InboxDollars you can also earn cashback while you shop online with major retailers. This can be a great way to earn some semi passive income. You do your typical shopping and when you’re ready to check out just use their platform and you’ll earn that cashback. What’s great about this option is that you would have purchased these items anyways.

Rather than having to put in hours to make cash why not earn cashback on shopping you’re already doing. It’s super simple and easy. Above all it’s passive income.

You’ll be able to earn cashback from so many different well known retailers like Target, Walmart and other established brands. Sometimes you can earn as much as 4% cashback if you use InboxDollars before you check out. It’s pretty crazy. Most credit cards give you 1% cashback.

You’ll also have access to good deals online so you can get discounts and coupons before you purchase. This is additional to the cashback you’ll be earning when you use their website link before you check out.

After you earn $30 you’ll be able to cash out and grab the money you’ve earned from doing your regular online shopping.

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