Getting gift cards online is something that everyone tries to do. So many businesses sell products and services that can go out to so many people. Some of the highest grossing companies in the world do most of their business. These companies are successful because they work in the customer’s favor. On the internet you can find so many deals to save money that you wouldn’t have known about. Everyone and almost everybody you know has a phone. You may as well have apps that work on your phone passively over time to save money on Amazon products you want to buy.

How to Earn Free Amazon Affiliate Gift Cards


Swagbucks is one of the best apps if you just enjoy going across the appstore to play games. There are many simple things that you can use to get swagbucks once you create an account. Every 500 swagbucks is going to give you $5 that you can use for Amazon gift cards. Every day you use the app, there are a ton of surveys that you can use to earn Swagbucks. There is a lot of data that companies would love to be able to use for marketing which is why you are rewarded. As long as you can answer those surveys honestly, you should really try it.

Most importantly, you can watch videos to earn more Swagbucks. Many of them are less than 2 minutes and you don’t have to have that much investment to be able to enjoy them. Most people binge videos on the internet at one point in their life, so you may as well get paid Swagbucks while doing that. The news is really important for a lot of people, so you would be getting paid to just learn about what’s going on. There are Swagbucks that you can get just by watching digestible content.


With this app you are can download many different games across the internet. A lot of these games have so much effort put into them and are completely free. Most people you know likely have and carry phones and are going to have a lot of downtime while they play them. You can earn a lot of InboxDollars during your time of play. Maybe you’ll find a game that you really enjoy and even if you don’t there are tons of other games that you can try. The appeal of most mobile games is that they don’t take a lot of dedication to have fun with.

There are also surveys that you can take to earn some extra cash. A lot of them are asking if you have tried a specific product and what your thoughts on that product are. They need honest feedback to make the best product or experience possible which is why you earn Inbox Dollars by taking those surveys. You can also watch videos on the app to earn some currency. A lot of them are short and get to the point which is how most people like it. Even if you don’t want to redeem Amazon gift cards, you can put your points into PayPal and transfer that money directly to your bank account.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an app that allows you to take surveys that earn you points. These points allow you to get gift cards that you can use for Target, Amazon and Paypal. There are many surveys that you can find in a single day. They may ask you an array of questions depending on what kind of day it is or if advertisers want specific feedback on a survey. The different kinds of surveys also urge you to try new things. There may have been products or services that you were interested in that you wouldn’t have otherwise found if it weren’t for this app.

It is very grindy in how much you have to do to get a decent payout, but many of the other apps do the same thing. In some cases, you can reach those goals earlier than you would’ve with surveys in other apps. The information helps to understand where you live, products that you may have purchased or even be more educated on current events. Having an honest response works to make sure that the feedback works better for the information that’s going to be used. They have many Amazon gift cards and when it comes for your time to get a payout, there will be enough cards for you.


This service has been around since 1996, being one of the oldest systems that rewards users with gift cards on the internet. There is so much that you do if you have a decent computer that you are able to run the games to download. They do surveys, just like many of the other services that you have heard of in the past. You can watch videos based on what MyPoints wants to show their userbase at the time.

There are a lot of different activities that you can do on a given day to earn more points. There is so much variety when it comes to the games. Almost all of them use simple and effective strategies to make sure that not that many people get confused. They also have a lot of quick fun that doesn’t require that much dedication or things to think about. There are a lot of Amazon gift cards and even if you don’t want those, you can get gift cards to other stores that you buy from.


Lifepoints is one of the best options you have when it comes to getting quick rewards. The options for what you are able to get back can be pretty limited but getting things quickly is something really important to consider. There are a lot surveys that you’ll be able to find almost any day, the staff is really supportive if you happen to have any questions on anything important. If you don’t like Amazon cards, there are also a lot of paypal options that you can get if you like the money directly.

The surveys themselves are usually based on information that is actually going to be relevant to you. They won’t take that long to get a serviceable amount of points. Some surveys will make you do a lot if you want the opportunity to get a lot of points. For the most part LifePoints isn’t going to take that much of your time if you just want the opportunity to get a decent amount of points. There are a lot of things that will allow you to get those points outside of taking surveys. You even get points for just making an account.

Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is another service that allows you to get paid for your opinions on the internet. There is so much data that certain advertisers would want to use to be able to make better products and services. Some flaws in a certain product might be oblivious to the people who make it, but are often very obvious to the people who have to buy or use that product. Other companies will go out of their way to look for problems not to pay you, but with Prize Rebel, you can look at the website to see how much money that they have paid people.

In fact, they have paid people over $20 million for the data that they have provided. They offer people a lot for the time and effort that they put into the site. You may be looking for Amazon gift cards, but there are a lot of people that use iTunes or Walmart. This website sells gift cards for those places if that’s where you prefer to buy your goods. Over 10 million people use the service and that creates more incentive for surveys to be shown because they have a larger audience. Prize Rebel has most of what you could ask for.


iRazoo allows you to take surveys on topics or products that may be of interest to you. They also have a referral code program. These are great if you happen to have a lot of friends who are into these kinds of apps. You can refer people over with you code and make sure that you get points in return. This means that the more people that you refer over using your code, the more points that you will receive. It’s a great system because the people using the code get to benefit as well and more traffic goes to the app.

If you like taking surveys for things that you might be passionate in, this app really does a good job of rewarding that. There are a lot of ads that you could watch for what might be genuinely interesting. Some of the ads are going to show off products that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about. If you find something that you really like in an ad and end up buying, that will incentivize you to watch more ads. Doing this is going to earn you more points, to earn more Amazon gift cards.


SurveyMonkey allows you to give feedback based on what you might be interested in. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered so that they are able to gather more data on what’s important. The points that you get won’t be as good as some other apps, but it’s still worth your time to be able to do. There is so much that you get to be able to answer that you may never run out of content. Everyday there are going to be new questions that advertisers want you to answer. You have to put in an effort to make sure that you’re being honest.

The last thing these services want is for your answers to not be honest. Getting data honestly is the true value in the services that you choose to get into. It’s a great service that makes for a great reflective experience and makes you think back when you are asked important questions. There are a lot of great things that you get to learn when you get asked something that you don’t know about. It’s a great website and app that lets you get more than just Amazon gift cards, if that’s what you want.


iPoll allows you to give your answers on important things that be of concern to you. This app is going to make you take a little bit more responsibility when it comes to getting honest answers. One of the studies wants you to get milk and eggs and record your experience of eating them over 3 days. People are bound to react to foods differently because of their biochemistry and their metabolism of those foods. This is why getting data for these surveys are important. They are valuable to creating a great product that the creators are proud of.

Some of them are really simple, such as what video game consoles do you own. It could be your opinion of public transport, or even asking you what kind of car that you own. They are surveys that affect you and the people who are invested in creating a good product. It works out for everybody because everybody is benefiting from participating. The payouts that you receive can be very substantial and you should really give it a try if you have some extra time. You’ll get bigger Amazon gift cards that some apps don’t offer otherwise.

Best Apps to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards


The nana app is a lot of fun for people who like discovering new apps. Sometimes it allows you to download games and get a very substantial amount of points. However, most of the time, you aren’t going to getting that many points at all. You will get a lot of points when a highly promoted new game comes out. This is to promote the game in question and makes sure that people at least give it a try. A lot of these games also have a lot of high production value and allow you to get something out putting that much time in.

On top of this Nana has a referall program that you can help your friends with. When you create an account, you can give your referral code to other people to make sure that you both get points. You get 2,500 points for every person that you refer which is really important if you want to get a lot of results. Almost all of your friends likely have a phone, so you may as well tell them that they can sign up so that they can also get a bonus amount of points. Even without the referral code, you still gain 10,000 points for just making an account.


AppDown allows you to make easy money just by playing games, taking surveys and watching great internet videos. That’s really great for a lot of people because they are likely already doing those things on the go but not getting paid for it. It’s something that you may as well get paid for. You are already likely playing games on the way to a place or in your downtime. The games offered here are high-quality and give you a sense of quality when you sink your time into them. On top of that, what they offer is also free for everyone.

The videos are easy to be able to watch and you get to see a great production behind. Sometimes, it might just be a video, or other times it’s an advertisement. It’s great to invest your time into either way. Almost all of the ads are less than 30 seconds so there in’t that much commitment. One ad won’t get you that many points, but once you start watching a set amount each day, it will start to add up. The surveys are also great and add a lot of great questions that you want to answer in a way that’s productive for others.

Shopping Apps that Help You Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards


Rakuten is a service that likes to reward you for spending money at certain stores. For instance, if you were to buy from Amazon, you would have to show some kind of proof that you purchased something and you would be able to earn a small percentage back. The great thing about that is there are so many stores that this will be able to work for. If there is a major food chain, department sore, or a massive general goods store, there is probably some way that you can earn money by using this app.

The great bonus is that you get $10 just for signing up if you do it quickly. This just doesn’t work for stores that you go to in person, this can also work for service apps like Lyft. They are the kind of services that it’s great to save any amount of money on. It’s a great service that works for the consumer while giving you an incentive to purchase some of these products. There are a lot of elements that go into other things that save you money. What you have to remember is that the amount that you can save might be different depending on the company and what kind of day it is.


Shopkick is an app that allows you to earn money back for going to specific shops that happen to be in your area. They will need some information such as your information that proves that you are able to go to these stores. Sometimes you get points just for walking into a store. This allows you to see what a store has to offer even in you have no intentions of ever getting something at that store. But there are other methods of making sure that you get a certain amount of points.

Buying a product and showing your receipt is going to be the best way of making sure that you get the most amount of points possible. Scans, receipts and just buying a product each earn you points individually. It’s a great system that works in the favor of those who want to go to new stores who may not have gone there otherwise. There are a lot of things that you can do that don’t involve buying something, that’s a system that everyone can check out. You may have to check the app often because there are stores that can be added and taken away.


Honey is one of the beloved browser extensions of the internet. It is so easy for people to be able to install and there isn’t a reason not to install it into chrome. What it allows you to do, is save money at checkout on just about any product that you buy. The app scans the internet to find the best codes to save you the most amount of money on things that you want to buy. You may save close to $40-60 on a products that’s worth hundreds of dollars. It’s something that works passively for you.

Honey works on so many different websites, but if you constantly want to save money on Amazon products, sometimes, there is no better way to save then to use Honey. Honey is for people who are ready to spend a set amount of money on an order but want to use the app to save some more. Now there are early stages of the mobile version. The mobile app is going to allow you to purchase items on the honey app. As of right now, there aren’t that many items compared to eBay, but it’s going to grow as time progresses.


Drop allows you to earn money through buying things that you already like. It’s a system that works in your favor because you want to be able to get more for what you buy. There are already ways for you to get coupons for those specific items, but now, you are going to see all the items that you can get for stores. Not every store that you buy from is going to show here. But there are enough that are going to welcome you to make sure that the items are worth the investment into the app.

Earning money back isn’t going to be something immediate, but can work out really well if you happen to track how much you save in a year. There are so many products that you get the chance to be able to try, but not always enough offers to be able to take advantage. There are gift cards that you get access to when are buying from a certain gift cards that you get to choose from if Amazon happens to not be what you’re into. There are millions of members and a lot of offers for everyone that gets invested into the app.


Mobee asks you to get invested and to try new things in order to win gift cards back. There are a lot of things that you can earn back by putting in the time that these tasks require. There are missions that you’ll have to do, such as going to a restaurant and detail what your experience was like. Some of these can also be try out a new product that some others would like to give a chance. It’s not going to be as easy as some of the others that you decide to take on for missions.

What you should do is check the app for missions when you go out and make sure what you are doing is in the realm of possibility. To go out of your way to do these things may not be worth the effort and you would more than likely lose the money that you are spending. If the missions are something that you and some friends have genuine interest in something, then maybe you should do that activity. If you just want to save some money, this isn’t the best options you should choose. It also happens to be in French.

Get Free Gift Cards to Amazon from Grocery Stores

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog allows you to purchase certain giftcards when you redeem enough receipts. Researchers and people who just want to learn more about what their customers are into buying could really use this information. The least they could do for providing you with that information is to give you some gift cards. You also happen to get some referral points if you happen to have a code. This is a great app that cares about the customers who buy from these retailers


Ibotta is a service that allows you to earn giftcards for what you choose to purchase online. Their name also happens to be a pun on buying things which makes them more memorable. There is so much that you get offered when you get to go to check out some of the offers that you get to see. Much of the purchasing that most people do is going to be online, so it’s worth giving the app a try to see if what you bough qualified to get something back. There’s a lot that you can get offered besides Amazon gift cards if there is something else you want to spend.

Additional FAQs

Which app is the one that’s easiest one to earn points for?

MyPoints offers a lot of great cards for not that many surveys but there aren’t as many cards as a drawback to that.

Which app is the hardest to get rewards for?

Mobee is an app that gives a lot of newcomers a tough time. You should get into it if you happen to be active around where you live and have a lot of free time.

Which apps have the best referral systems?

iRazoo and AppNana have a lot of great referral systems that allow both parties to earn a lot of points. The person who refers people can often get a lot of points with even a few referrals.

What are some honorable mentions that didn’t make the list?

Slidejoy allows you have a lockscreen that gives you points every time you swipe on your phone. The Panel app collects points as you have your location on and asks you to complete surveys. There are also egg apps that will reward you with money for tapping enough times.

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