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Everyone wants free money, and so do you. At least, that was why you found this post in the first place. If you weren’t looking for where to pick up some legit free money around the world wide web, you wouldn’t be here. But now that you have found us, we will make sure you find what you seek. In this post, we will help you learn all the legit free money tips you can find anywhere online today and the best paying websites you should visit when you leave here.

When we say free money we don’t mean you will sit and wait while money rains from the sky to fill up your bank accounts and wallets. While there are no streets littered with free money anywhere online, there are very simple tasks you can perform to earn some legit income. With a few minutes daily, an internet connection and very little effort, you could pick enough free money online to become the next millionaire in your little community. But before we move further into ideas on how to get free money, we will go right into what free money really is.

What We Mean By Free Money

Anyone can define free money to mean anything depending on his or her understanding of what the word free means. By way of definition, we always say free money is the money you receive as a reward for doing something you do every day without paying any money upfront.

As you read on, you will discover that most of the items capture here as ways you can pick up some free money online do not necessarily require to put any money down as a signup fee of payment for purchasing a product or service before you receive your cash reward. However, there are a few such opportunities that require you to pay a certain amount before you receive your reward, but a majority of them do not ask for any upfront payments from you. Make sure you pay attention to all the items on the list and their details to decide which ones that would require you to pay something before you receive the free money they give out.

Get Free Money By Doing What You Already Do For Free

It is believed that there are certain things you do online daily for free. It will surprise you to know there are apps and sites that will pay you to do those same things you have been doing for free.

For instance, if you like buying your clothes and other fashion accessories online, you have the opportunity to make money while buying these same items by changing where you buy them. While these may not be considered one of the most lucrative money-making opportunities online, it is definitely worth your try as you have nothing to lose.

Get Cash Back When You Shop

There are several cahs back apps online that are ready to pay you anytime you make purchases using such apps. Interestingly, most such cashback apps also offer you a signup bonus as a first time user.


Swagbucks is one of the most popular reward sites online known for its culture of rewarding you whenever you complete some simple online tasks. Some minor tasks you can perform on Swagbucks to earn some free money include watching short video clips, shopping online, taking surveys, using their search engine to search around the web for whatever information you need, and so much more. You can easily exchange your Swagbucks known as SB for PayPal money or gift cards to some retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, or Sephora.

While making any serious income with the Swagbucks app may not be feasible, it is certainly great to earn some of these gift cards every month. You can use these gift cards to pay for anything you want to purchase from merchant sites like Amazon.

As a reward for signing up, you get paid $10 once you download the app and make a purchase of up to $25 on any of the retailer sites affiliated to Swagbucks. You are expected to make this purchase within the first 30 days following your account creation. If there is anything you have always wanted to purchase on Amazon, you can make the purchase through your Swagbucks account to qualify for your $10 sign up bonus.


This is another cashback site that offers you a $10 bonus when you sign up. Ibotta was originally designed to offer every user some cash back on all grocery purchases. However, the app supports more than 300 retail sites such as restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, clothing brands, and many more.

As a new user on the Ibotta site, you will receive a $10 bonus when you create an account with them and get your free money within the first seven days after sign up. Before shopping on any site, you may want to log into the Ibotta app to select your favorite cashback offers. Once you choose the deals you want, there are two major ways you can earn free money on Ibotta. You either link your store loyalty card or scan your receipt after purchase to have your rewards automatically deposited by Ibotta.

Irrespective of the option you decide to go for, you will receive payment on your Ibotta account within 48 hours. You can withdraw your rewards when it gets to $20 or more using PayPal or Venmo. You also have the option of converting your rewards balance into a gift card. Other ways to earn on the Ibotta app include taking surveys and inviting your friends to join.


This is another cashback site that gifts you a $10 bonus for joining. Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten pays every new user a signup bonus of $10 after you spend $25 on purchases on their site.

Another easy way to earn free money from Rakuten is by installing the Google Chrome browser extension on your PC and other devices. This browser extension has been programmed to alert you of all available cashback opportunities and deals whenever you are shopping on any of the Rakuten retail partners. To earn the cashback from the retailer sites, simply click on the popups once they come up and continue with your shopping.

Rakuten will send some free money into your account as you shop in their retail partner shops. These bonuses can take some days or a few hours to reflect on your Rakuten account. Rakuten will send you cash back through PayPal credit or paper check depending on which one you chose during registration. This cashback is sent out every 3 days.

There are several other cashback sites that pay new users for signing up with them, but their deals vary. It is always a good practice to sign up with different cashback sites and ensure you download the Google Chrome browser extension for every app you install. The Google Chrome extension will notify you of all available deals whenever you get online to check things out. This ensures you get as much cashback as possible.

For instance, you can be shopping for clothes on Gucci and Swagbucks shows a cashback of 6% on the product you wish to buy while Rakuten shows a 7% cashback. It is only normal to make you purchase through the Rakuten site since they offered you the highest cashback.


Mypoints work the same way Swagbucks work because both sites are owned by the same parent company. You can easily earn your rewards on MyPoints by doing simple things like playing games, shopping online through the site, reading emails from their partners, and taking surveys.

You are entitled to a $10 welcome bonus when you register with the site and qualify for your bonus when you make purchases of up to $20 within your first 30 days on the site. You can withdraw your rewards on MyPoint as PayPal cash, travel miles or a gift card.


When you visit the Dosh website, you will see a message describing the Dosh app bonus as the easiest money you have ever made. Dosh pays you about 10% cashback on all your purchases through their site.

Once you sign up and link your card to your Dosh account, you are qualified for your $5 welcome bonus from Dosh. You can make this $5 over and over by referring your friends to the site. Once anyone you refer signs up and links a card to their Dosh account, you receive your $5 referral bonus.


Neilsen is a TV rating company that pays you a fixed $50 every year for keeping their app on your digital device the entire year. You also get the chance to enter the Nielsen sweepstakes where you stand a chance to win lots of other juicy prizes.

Nielsen gathers statistics from your device to learn more about consumer trends from your internet usage. For example, the app might take a look at your search history and learn you enjoy reading entertainment news and shopping online for electronic devices. They use these search habits and trends to help companies learn more about their customers.

Nielsen does everything anonymously, so there is no need to worry about your data and personal information being shared with a third party.


Shopkick offers rewards known as kicks. As a Shopkick user, you can easily earn these kicks by scanning the barcodes of some products, walking into stores, visiting online stores, shopping with a linked card, watching videos, and so much more.

For every 25 kicks you receive, you get paid $1. You can redeem your kicks for Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, TJ Maxx, and other popular gift cards.

You get paid a $5 bonus when. You sign up and complete an in-store scan within the first seven days of downloading the app.

Earn Some Free Cash With Your Vehicle

Most vehicles do not have good second-hand values, so you may never get anyone who is willing to pay anything close to what you paid for the vehicle. However, there are some proven techniques you could employ to make some free money with your vehicle. Let’s see some of these options here:

Register with Getaround

If you have a vehicle that sits idly in your parking lot the whole day, you can put the vehicle into good use by registering with Getaround. Getaround is an app that helps people find vehicles they can rent when they need one. With Getaround, people can rent your car straight from the app without any need for you to meet them and exchange keys or handle the necessary logistics.

You can make as much as $5+ every hour by allowing someone else use your car. Get around will remove 40% from every amount you make from renting your car on the app and allow you to keep the rest. You won’t have to worry about the cost of repairs because you will benefit from 24/7 assistance while your car is in use and share in their $1 million primary insurance coverage.

The payout from the Getaround app is made once every month. Your earnings the previous month are sent to your designated account on the 15th of every month.


Wrapify is an advertising company that turns your car into a mobile billboard. This app links you to companies that would pay to place their ads on your vehicle. The amount you make is determined by the amount of space you make available to them. If you choose the full wrap option, you can make as much as $450 every month.

The first thing to do would be to download the wrapify app and check the instructions on how to earn with the app. Once you meet the requirements, Wrapify will notify you of available campaigns in your area. They will wrap company ads around your car to start making free money by driving around with ads on your car. These wraps are designed to come off once the advert campaign is over. These wraps do not leave any marks or damages to your car.

Lyft and Uber

While you won’t make money driving strangers around, you can make some free money by registering your car with some destination mode apps like Uber and Lyft. These apps use this destination mode to link you to passengers traveling along your route.

Earn Some Free Money for Opening an Account

There are apps that pay you for opening accounts with them. Every app has its own conditions for qualifying for a bonus. This is why you should make sure you read the conditions attentively before you sign up.

Survey Companies

Every survey site pays a certain bonus to new users for signing up, filling out their profiles, and completing some simple tasks. Here are a few survey companies you could join for free money:


Inboxdollars is like Swagbucks in several ways. This site will pay you for completing simple tasks like watching videos, shopping online, and reading emails. They send out emails to people on their mailing list, and once you confirm you have read any of their emails, you get paid.

Another interesting way to earn free money from Inboxdollars is by qualifying for their $5 signup bonus. This bonus is paid to you once you create an account on the site and fill out some new member surveys. However, you must learn up to $30 before you can withdraw your earnings.


Vindale is exactly like every other survey site. The company will pay you $1 when you sign up and pay you to complete simple tasks like reading their emails, watching videos, and taking surveys. You can increase your earnings on Vindale by referring your friends to the site. You have to earn up to $50 before you can cash out through PayPal. They pay up to $10-$15 per survey, one of the highest you can find in the market today.

Saving and Investing Apps

If you need ways to automate your savings and investments, then these apps can help.


If you are not a financially savvy investor, the Acorn app is for you. This app is connected to your credit cards and checking accounts. Acorn rounds up every transaction you make from a linked account and transfers the nearest dollar to your Acorns investment account. You will get a free $10 signup bonus once you register on the app. You will be required to answer a few questions to help the app set up your portfolio.


Stash will pay you $5 when you create an account with them and make a deposit of $5 or more. Stash is an investment platform that allows you to invest in your favorite blue-chip companies or support causes you are passionate about. You will find lots of articles that will help you learn how to invest on the site. An investment coach will also be available to guide you.


Robinhood offers you commission-free investing options and offers you more ways to make your money work hard for you. With Robinhood financial, you can make commission-free trades on stocks, funds, and cryptocurrencies. You can invest in more than a thousand stocks with as little as $1 when you join Robinhood.

Utilize Bank Account Bonuses

Most banks will pay you a cash bonus for opening a new savings or checking account with them. Here are a few options:

A High-Interest Savings Account

Upgrading your existing savings account is an easy way to get free money. There are several banks who are willing to pay you some cash bonus when you upgrade to an online high-interest account. However, bear in mind that these bonuses are taxable so do not forget to make mention of them during tax calculations at the end of the month.

Utilize Automated Saving Apps to Find Free Money in your Budget

There is always some free money floating around somewhere in your budget. There are automated saving apps that can help analyze your money to help you see where you can get free money in your budget. We call it free money because it isn’t coming out of your account and you don’t need to work harder to earn it.


Trim is designed to run through your spending habits in a bid to find areas you are spending more than necessary. For example, Trim can find a more affordable insurance plan for you, negotiate your utility and cable bill to cancel some subscriptions. You will get a dashboard when you get a free Trim account. This dashboard shows your financial transactions and other vital information. If you want Trim to negotiate your bills, simply send them a copy of the bill.


Qapital makes saving money easy and painless for you. You will find more ways to save money on the site. You have to register on the site and link your accounts to your Qapital account. Whenever you make a purchase using any of your linked accounts, the app will round up to the nearest dollar and send the difference to your account.


Digit pays $5 sign up bonus into your account after the 30-day free trial period. This app will analyze how you spend to find the money you never knew you had. The app monitors your spending and deposits the difference into your account on the app. You can withdraw your money through text messages.

Sell Your Stuff to Get Some Free Money

A look around your home will reveal several items you no longer use. You can sell the things you don’t need or use here for some free money.

Sell Your Electronics

Those gaming systems, sound systems, and TVs that have not been used for years could fetch you some free money. Thankfully, there are several apps that will help you sell your stuff and send you your free money. Let’s see some of such apps here:


Decluttr accepts DVDs, video games, gaming consoles, smartphones, and all types of tech gadgets. You can get your items evaluated on the site with ease. Simply enter the brand, make and model of the tech gadgets you want to sell before sending the items out. Decluttr will instantly display what they are willing to pay. Once you send the items to Decluttr, they will remove all your personal details and process your payment within 24 hours.


You can sell your tech devices to gazelle. Simply search for the products you wish to sell on the site and get an instant free quote. Once you find the item you wish to sell on the site and get a free quote. Select your payment option and ship the items for free. Gazelle will send you the free money once they check the items and confirm they are in order.

List your House on Airbnb

You can make use of the calculator on Airbnb to know how much you can earn from renting out your house or a room in your apartment. You will get to set your rules and terms as the host. You can rent out spare rooms while at home or your entire house while away on vacation. For safety purposes, always request for additional information and recommendations from previous hosts before you accept any guests.

Sell Your Old Textbooks

The old textbooks in your box can earn you some free money. One of the best places to sell your old textbooks online is BookScouter. This site is a price comparison tool that helps you know where to sell your textbooks.

Simply enter the ISBN Number of the textbook you wish to sell and wait while BookScouter compares prices on merchant sites like Amazon, Cash4Books, Bookbyte, and many more. Once you choose where to sell from the options and prices provided, you can ship your textbooks to the vendor for free and expect your payment 2-3 days after the books get to the vendor.

Sell Your Old Clothes

With several sites dealing with used stuff online, you need sites that specialize in selling the particular items you wish to dispose of. When it comes to selling your old clothes, here are two sites you can trust for best returns:


ThredUp acts as the middle man between you and your buyers. Simply place an order on their site for a cleanout kit. Once you receive the kit, fill it up with all the clothes, handbags, shoes and other fashion accessories you no longer use. You can drop off the kit containing the items at the nearest FedEx or USPS location. ThredUp takes care of the shipping and processing costs. It takes about 2-3 weeks to receive your free money from ThredUp.


Postmark is a site that connects you as the seller to your buyers. For every item, you wish to list on the site, add a picture, a description, and set your price. Once an item you list on Poshmark sells, you will get a pre-addressed shipping label from the company. Package your item and drop it off at a USPS office for delivery. You don’t have to pay for shipping because the shipping label arrives prepaid. You should receive your money within 2-3 days after your item is delivered.

Most free money making opportunities require either your time or money. Go through the options and decide whether to go with options that require a little investment or the ones that require your time.

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